FileCenter Professional 7 Coupon Code

FileCenter Professional 7 Discount Coupon Code
FileCenter Professional 7 for 1 PC FileCenter Professional 7 for 1 PC
List Price: $199.95


  • High-accuracy, multi-lingual OCR engine to convert your documents into searchable information.
  • Features a built-in search engine that you can think of it as a web search for your desktop - just type in keywords, and all files that contain those words are shown.
  • Protect sensitive files from prying eyes with two invaluable security features- file encryption and file shredding.
  • FileCenter will store any file from any program and double-clicking a file in FileCenter will open the file in its native application.
  • Integrated OCR (text recognition) is a seamless part of the scanning process. As the scan comes in, FileCenter runs OCR on each page and inserts the text invisibly in the resulting PDF.